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July 2017

We Take Your Child’s Safety Seriously

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Black & White Cabs is a proud provider of transport to and from school for students. There are a number of features that Black & White Cabs offers to provide the highest level of safety for student passengers travelling alone. These features put Black & White Cabs above other services that cannot offer the same.
Being able to track your child from pick-up to drop-off is one feature not many others can offer. With our in-app driver tracking system you can watch your child every step of the way on their journey to or from school. Read More

Black & White Cabs Launches ‘Refer A Friend’

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Refer a friend and earn $20 off your next ride

Black & White Cabs is pleased to launch the ‘Refer a Friend’ program which enables Brisbane passengers to earn $20 off a ride when they refer a friend.

To earn a $20 ride discount voucher, simply have one of your friends download the Brisbane Black & White Cabs app for the first time and make a booking. Once we verify the trip has been completed you will receive an email with details of how to claim your $20 discount voucher.

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Taxi Driver Rewarded For His Good Deed

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Why is it whenever you sit down to watch the news or read the newspaper everything is always so negative these days? Crime, corruption and terrorism fill the air ways. Despite what we are led to believe, the state of the world isn’t as bad as you think.

Enter Atambeer ‘Ruby’ Kalra. Ruby has been a Black & White Cabs driver for nearly 9 years and has become an integral part of the Business Class fleet, winning ‘Best Business Class Driver’ in 2014.

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